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About Us

PT Kosmos Wavelength Technology (Kosmoswave) is a company engaged in R&D, Supply-Chain and E-commerce of Fiber-to-the-X(FTTX) Business since 2008. Kosmoswave is driven by a team of industry experts, ensuring the latest innovation and manufacturing capabilities are implemented to surpass industry standards for quality and performance, technical compliance and ease of installation and use. We provide to our customers various types of cutting-edge production equipment and components, raw materials, customer premesis equipment, optical distribution network(ODN), active optical equipment for telecommunication and fiber optic industries.
We have resolute responsibility and commitment to the best satisfaction of customer. During the years, we have served more than 500 customers including ISP companeis, fiber-optic cable factories , businesses and enterprisezsrelate in various industries and homes.

To empower Indonesian people and improve the quality of life with connectivities through fiber-optical communcation.

Become the first professional company for optical fiber communication supply chain, R&D, manufacturing and distribution


Flexible Support

will be able to provide any product solution include Network Cabling/ FTTx/ Cabinet Server/ etc...with best quality assurance

Product Compatibility

providing end-to-end solutions supported by one company with one warranty system for valuable investor

Stock Availability

Kosmos wave availability of stock with the support of large and professional warehousing facilities for immediate delivery

Technical Support

providing quick respond technical support for valuable customer and partner needs, design and on-site support

Warranty Support

product cover by fully protection of best quality product, replacement on-time and on-site available for every customer

Custom Product

custom product available for special request needs by customer, any requirement wellcome to discuss

Product Populer

TIANYI TY-6201A AX1800 Wifi6 Wireless Router

23 September 2022

CPE (customer Premises Equipment)

TIANYI TY-6201A AX1800 Wifi6 Wireless Router

Hardware Specifications

Speed ​​2.4GHz: 600Mbps@2X2 WIFI6, 5GHz: 1.2Gbps@2X2 WFI6

ODN(Optical Distribution Network)

23 September 2022

ODN(Optical Distribution Network)


Operasional panjang gelombang 1310(RX)/1490(TX)

ODP solid 16c

03 October 2022

Kondisi: Baru Berat Satuan: 3 kg Kategori: Adapter Etalase: ODP optical distribution point Kelengkapan odp solid isi spliter 2*1:8 klem odp kunci pigtail sc 2pcs protec dan aksesoris


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